GREEN HUB – Your partner in digitization and process optimization in the public sector, utilizing advanced AI technologies to build smarter, more efficient, and accessible services for citizens.

At GREEN HUB, we are committed to supporting local governments and public administrations in transforming services and processes to better respond to the needs of citizens and face contemporary challenges. Our interdisciplinary team of experts is ready to deliver solutions that are not only innovative but also effective and secure.

Our key areas of operation include:

  • Smart City Management
    We implement AI solutions to optimize urban services, traffic management, energy resources, and municipal infrastructure, creating an integrated and intelligent urban environment.
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
    Integrating various forms of public and private transportation into one easily accessible digital service. By using AI to analyze traffic data and user preferences, we create personalized and flexible travel options that contribute to reducing congestion and CO2 emissions.
  • Waste Management and Recycling
    We implement intelligent systems to monitor and optimize waste management, including identification, sorting, and recycling of waste. Our solutions help cities achieve sustainable development goals, minimizing environmental footprint and promoting a circular economy.
  • Intelligent Water and Sewage Systems
    Using AI technologies to monitor and manage water and sewage systems, we ensure more efficient use of water resources, reduce the risk of failures and pollution, and improve the quality of supplied water.
  • Intelligent Street Lighting
    Implementing lighting systems that use sensors and AI to adjust light intensity based on the presence of people and weather conditions. Such solutions not only lower energy costs but also contribute to improved safety and comfort for residents.
  • Green Infrastructure and Urban Space Management
    Our AI technologies support the design and maintenance of green infrastructure, including parks, urban gardens, and green roofs, promoting biodiversity and improving the quality of life in cities.
  • Administrative Process Automation
    We use AI to automate routine and time-consuming administrative tasks, increasing operational efficiency and shortening the response time to citizens’ needs.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
    We utilize AI tools to analyze large sets of public data, offering better insights into social trends, citizens’ needs, and the effectiveness of public policy.
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection
    We employ AI systems that enhance the digital security of local governments and administrations, protecting citizens’ data and infrastructure from cyberattacks.
  • Interactive Platforms for Citizens
    We create intelligent communication platforms and online services that make it easier for citizens to access information and services in public life.
  • Public Service Optimization
    We implement AI solutions that support decision-making in resource allocation, spatial planning, and the development of social, educational, and health services.

By choosing to collaborate with us, you gain a partner that combines advanced technological knowledge with a deep understanding of urban and public challenges. Our solutions are designed for the future, offering scalability, flexibility, and integration with existing systems. With our support, local governments and public institutions can not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also achieve ambitious sustainable development goals, increasing efficiency, transparency, and community engagement.

We encourage local governments, public institutions, and governmental organizations to collaborate with us. Let our AI-based solutions transform the way you manage your city or institution, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and citizen satisfaction.

Contact us to learn more about our services and start transforming the public sector with GREEN HUB.


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