As part of collaboration with various entities in the energy sector and investment sector, the “Free Energy Transformation Program” has been initiated. This program, utilizing our advanced technical, legal, and organizational solutions, does not generate additional costs for your company’s budget. At our own expense, we will undertake the construction of a Zero Emission Power Plant and modernize existing technical installations at your facility, adapting them to use new, ecological energy sources. The benefit for your company is receiving rent for leasing the land for the investment and the possibility of purchasing energy at preferential conditions, with prices 30 – 50% lower than standard market prices, without the necessity of incurring any investment costs. An additional advantage is access to fully ecological and emission-free energy.

Our Energy Group consists of qualified specialists and technology partners from a wide range of industries, specializing in alternative energy. They are engaged in the project implementation depending on the current needs and dynamics of the venture’s development. Our offer includes comprehensive service, from the preparation of analyses and project documentation to the installation and implementation of advanced technological solutions.

We offer you a full range of energy services, which include conducting expertise, determining the carbon footprint, energy sales, implementing energy transformation, up to the construction and full financing of the Zero Emission Power Plant. We are supported by industry companies, contractors, research and development institutions, and investment funds, which together with us engage in the implementation of advanced energy projects.

Low-emission strategies and other analyses are developed by a team of experienced experts, allowing us to accurately assess the current technical condition and identify appropriate applications for innovative technologies. Our goal is to optimize the operations of enterprises. The experience of our specialists, actively working on many energy projects, enables efficient determination of action directions and technologies that best meet the needs of your Company. Thanks to the innovation of our technical solutions, there is a possibility to obtain additional funding in the form of EU grants for the implemented projects.

In the face of rising energy media prices, many companies are looking for alternative energy sources or aiming to reduce costs in other areas of operation. Forecasts indicate further increases in electricity prices in the coming years, which may pose a challenge for large enterprises with extensive industrial and production infrastructure. As a specialized Energy Service Provider (ESP), we offer a special package of services that will help your company achieve energy independence and CO₂ climate neutrality. Our offer focuses primarily on large and medium-sized enterprises, whose annual energy demand exceeds 3 GWh. The Zero Emission Power Plants planned by us, built directly on the Customer’s premises, will have a minimum power of 1 MW, guaranteeing significant improvement in energy security and cost reduction.

Within the “Free Energy Transformation Program”, we offer a range of services that can be implemented both comprehensively and depending on the individual needs of your enterprise. Participants in the project include:

  • 19 technology companies offering the latest solutions in alternative energy,
  • 2 investment funds providing solid financial support for ambitious projects,
  • 3 scientific institutions conducting research and development of innovative technologies,
  • 3 law firms specializing in legal aspects related to energy and environmental protection,
  • 21 experts from various fields who together create innovative technological concepts tailored to the specifics of your Company’s operations.
  • 23 design offices developing practical and innovative architectural and engineering solutions that are not only technically advanced but also economically viable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to their involvement, projects implemented within the Program are characterized by high quality of execution, a balanced approach to resource use, and adaptation to the individual needs and specifics of each company participating in the Program.

Every element of this cooperation aims to create a unique model of enterprise operation in the new energy reality, tailored to the needs. Together, we strive to ensure that our projects are not only a response to the current challenges associated with high energy costs but also a step towards a future based on sustainable development and innovation.

We are confident that our offer, aimed at enterprises with significant energy needs, represents real added value, enabling survival and development in an increasingly competitive and ecologically aware business environment. We invite you to collaborate and join the group of enterprises that are already shaping the future of energy.


If you are interested in cooperating in the field of ENERGY SERVICES, we invite you.


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