We offer professional support in the process of obtaining EU funds, which are crucial for the development and modernization of Polish enterprises. Thanks to European funds, it is possible to finance a range of investment projects that significantly contribute to the innovation and operational efficiency of companies. You can receive funding for initiatives such as the expansion of existing production halls, the purchase of modern machines and technological lines, or investments in real estate and buildings. These resources will enable the introduction of new or improved products and services to the market.

What investments can be covered by the funding?

  • Expansion or construction of new production halls.
  • Acquisition of fixed assets such as machines, equipment, and other assets.
  • Purchase of real estate and buildings for operational purposes.
  • Financing construction work and purchasing materials.
  • Rent, lease, or leasing of real estate, land, and other assets.
  • Purchase of intangible and legal values, including patents, licenses, know-how.
  • Operational and financial leasing.
  • Promotional and marketing initiatives.
  • Covering general costs associated with project implementation.

The funding amount can cover up to 70% of the total project costs, depending on the investment location and the size of the enterprise.


Investments in research and development are essential for introducing product and process innovations. European funds support not only research and development activities carried out independently by entrepreneurs but also those conducted in cooperation with scientific units. This gives you the opportunity to receive funding for:

  • Conducting industrial research and development work.
  • Creating prototypes, testing, and validating products.
  • First industrial-scale implementation of innovations.
  • Activities related to the protection of intellectual property and the commercialization of research.
  • Purchase of research equipment and creation of R&D infrastructure.

With EU support, you can significantly reduce the risk associated with new investments by sharing costs with the funding institution. We invite you to cooperate with our company to effectively utilize available funds for the development and modernization of your enterprise.

Opportunities for obtaining grants include:

  • Construction, expansion, or renovation of production facilities, including modernization of existing spaces.
  • Acquisition of machines and equipment used for processing, storing, and preparing products for sale.
  • Purchase of real estate and buildings necessary for business development.
  • Investments in measuring and control apparatus.
  • Purchase of software for enterprise management, optimization of production processes, and logistics.
  • Implementation of quality management systems and other standards that improve operational efficiency.
  • Purchase of devices that contribute to better environmental protection and sustainable development.

Research and Development (R&D) Activities:

  • We enable funding for activities such as industrial research, new product development, prototype creation, or first industrial implementations.
  • Investments in R&D infrastructure, including the purchase of research apparatus and the establishment of research and development centers.
  • Support for the commercialization of research results and protection of intellectual property.
  • Depending on the size of the company and the nature of the project, funding up to 90% of eligible costs is possible.


If you are engaged in the food processing industry and are looking for opportunities to expand and modernize your business, consider the available funding options under the Rural Development Program (RDP). This program offers non-refundable grants in the area of “Processing and marketing of agricultural products,” which are intended for various investments related to the processing and distribution of agricultural products such as:

  • Milk and meat (excluding large-scale slaughter);
  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Grains;
  • Potatoes, eggs, honey, flax, and hemp;
  • Oil and protein plants;
  • Service freezing and storage of agricultural products;
  • Processing plants into energy products.

Opportunities for obtaining grants include:

  • Construction of new facilities, rebuilding or renovation of existing structures, with a view to their modernization;
  • Purchase of modern machinery and equipment for processing, storage, or preparation of products for sale;
  • Investments in measuring and control apparatus that support maintaining high quality standards;
  • Purchase of software that streamlines enterprise management, production process control, or logistics of storage;
  • Implementation of quality management systems that enhance the value of offered products;
  • Purchase of devices that contribute to improved energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Take advantage of these funding opportunities to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of your agricultural and food business. These grants offer a chance for technological and operational leaps, while minimizing the financial burden of investments. If you need support in the application process or have questions about qualification for the program, our company offers comprehensive advice and assistance in obtaining non-refundable grants.


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